Chemical Sales

It is a great fun to spend long hours in the swimming pools. Especially in summer where we live long hot days. The increasing temperatures in summer cause people to rush to pools. Individuals who do not have private pools in their houses prefer public pools whereas the ones having the privilege to built a private pool in their gardens spend their time in these pools. The most important issue in the pools is the cleanliness of the pools. If a pool is not subject to the routine maintenance and disinfection process, this pool may be risky for the users. Pool water which has not been disinfected by the chemicals is definitely not hygenic and is not suitable for people’s use.


As Pekcan Havuz, we have a service mentality that emphasizes human health therefore we give great importance to the hygene of the water in the pools. The most important thing for us is to provide cleanliness of the pool by making the necessary disinfection operations. We give 100% insurance for the chemicals we advise. Our chemical products that are in convenient price intervals and are of many kind, are approved by the Ministry of Health.


As Pekcan Havuz, we show great sensibility to the hygene of water. Our valuable customers rely on Pekcan’s 25 year experience and our chemical products. Enjoy swimming with Pekcan’s sensitive measuring vehicles and Ministry of Health approved chemicals.