Green Energy

A First In Yesil ; Pekcan's Patented Project’ Green Energy System In Pools".

The excess of energy and water consumption in the systems used in the classical installations of swimming pools is damaging the world every day and is becoming more and more economical.

Pekcan pool , which incorporates all the possibilities of technology into the system for a sustainable life, offers high comfort with low energy costs.

Pekcan has developed the ‘green energy for Pool ’ project to give our children a more yesilable world. In this brand new system with Pekcan patent, it is aimed to minimize the negative effects of existing pool systems for a better future. The ‘green energy system’developed by Pekcan Yesil aims to eliminate the side effects of inorganic disinfectants that are constantly exposed and to use energy, water ,Labor and time optimally. The Yesil energy system is developed as a high-efficiency and environmentally friendly pool system with the use of energy, pool chemicals and water-saving equipment. All equipment used is environmentally friendly.

Thanks to this patented system Pekcan pools ;

Energy and water consumption drops to minimum levels,
The long-term and short-term damage of inorganic chemicals to humans and the environment is eliminated,
Reduced cost,
Saving the labor force is achieved.
With our green energy project, Yesil energy project provides savings in water, electricity, labor, pool chemical use and energy consumption, and advantageous budget management is realized. Pekcan's patented product ‘ Yesil energy project " contributes to the future of nature, while introducing our valuable customers with minimum usage costs.

If you want to contribute to the future as well as save money, you can contact the valuable members of Pekcan pool to realize the saving in the pool and feel the peace of having fulfilled our responsibilities to our children.