Pool Coating Products

During the design of swimming pools that have a positive effect for bot hour physical and mental health, one of the most important points is coating systems because coating systems are like a cloth for pools. They exist to give an esthetic view to the pools.

Mosaic coatings are generally mosaic tiles, mosaic wall paintings and tile base coatings. Mosaic tiles  are classic choices for individual pools and paysage pools. They are offered in a range of both glass and ceramic mosaics. They may have both bright and matte polish. In every condition When installed to water, they do not slide.

With PEKCAN’s wide range of mosaic coating systems, you can have a more special view of your pool. With an unlimited color range, ceramic, glass mosaic, natural coating and pebble coating PEKCAN is an outstanding name in the sector. Serving its customers for more than 20 years, PEKCAN  will add esthetic and visual value to your pools.