Relaxing Places

Relaxing places are the most comfortable places of the SPA centers. Whether you use a hot place or  a cold and wet place, every user uses these relaxing places after a SPA session. Heated bed, water bed, solarium and massage are the musts of a relaxing place. With these places, be ready to experience ypur own miracle.

People who have spent time in the hot, cold or wet places of a SPA center mostly require relaxing at the end of the session. For this reason, it is highly recommended for people spending time in the spa centers to use these relaxing places as well.

Water bed, heated bed, solarium and massage are the most Common applications relaxing places. When spending time in these places, in order to keep  the silence in the atmosphere, volüme must be minimized or must be talked with whisper. A relaxing music and sedative odors will help the body rest and relax. These places  help remove all the nervousness, stress and rush of a daily life.

The relaxing places that offer you a renewal chance after  a sauna session form a nique area for relaxing your body and soul.