Service & Maintenance & Installation

In order to have a safe and healthy pool operation, pool maintenance should not be neglected. Pool disinfection, service and maintenance works Pekcan pool quality, expert in the field of our employees are at your service. The most important issues to consider in pool maintenance are listed below.

Pool cleaning and cleaning of the pool wall and floor before filling, necessary pool chemicals should be applied before filling.

After filling, the values of pool water content should be checked and pool chemicals should be used in appropriate doses for effective disinfection.

Daily, weekly and monthly maintenance plans should be made.

The condition of the filters, filter filling and backwashing should be checked to see if they are working properly. Cleaning of filters and auxiliary equipment should be carried out.

All machines and equipment used in the pool installation while maintenance, electrical installation control and leakage inspection should be done.

The equipment involved in water circulation and the ports where chemicals are given to the pool must be checked and cleaned individually.

Human health is not an element that can be put at risk, healthy conditions should always be at the forefront with every new step taken when it comes to the pool. All the standards required for a reliable pool in the health circular must be provided and the pool service, maintenance and installation procedures should be assisted by experts. We recommend that you pay attention to daily, monthly and weekly maintenance as well as annual maintenance work.  You can contact us for any detailed information you need regarding pool maintenance.

Service, maintenance and installation work related to us (0232 238 43 33- 0232 238 43 35 ) from the phones; and you can find them at their address.