Pekcan Pool provides technical support and service for all types of Pool problems. In case of a service request, Pekcan service professionals with pool operator certificate will visit you within 24 hours and listen to your problems on site and offer solutions.

If your pool is contaminated and if all is stuck closed during the winter months, and drainage lines draining the pool maintenance , pool acid washed and cleaned with water , cleaning the pool tiles, or glass mosaics in the interior of the coating, the ceramics of the joints to repair the plumbing lines of the pool maintenance, calibration and the establishment of an automatic disinfection system, pool sand filters maintenance and service of petrified, change the filter sand, pool salt that is used for disinfection, maintenance and service of generators, we perform the maintenance and settings of the heat exchanger which provides heating of the pool water according to your requests.

At the end of the summer season , if you do not want your pool to work, if you want it to be closed for the winter months, we will do these things for you. The pool you use is open to use for general purpose site, hotel, Holiday Village, etc. we also carry out the water analyses requested by the Ministry of Health.   

We also take samples from the water of your pool and analyze it and recommend the chemicals you need.