Spa Services

SPA,” Sanitas Thu Aquam “(SPA) is used in Latin for” Health from water". In its broad sense, Health, Beauty, Fitness, treatment and healing should be considered as gaining the healing power of water.

The spa's history dates back to the glorious times of the Roman Empire. The type of treatment in the baths built to heal the wounded bodies of the Roman soldiers who returned from the wars, tired and exhausted, was called “Sanus Thu Aquam” (SPA) “health from the water”. 14.when we reached the century, a city called Spa was established in Belgium, and in later periods, different types of spa were developed for treatment in different parts of Europe.

Today, SPA is a much wider meaning than the word meaning, “Health Club”, “recreation center” comes across terms such as. Also today, spas are not only located in hotels, resorts, health centers, but also in comfortable and luxurious homes. Spa centers, which do not target general use, are also referred to as “home spas”, where only the use of hosts and guests is targeted.

It is our area of expertise to design, project, realize the commitment and actively deliver the general spa centers belonging to your company or the special spa center belonging to your home in line with your lifestyle and preferences.

You just enjoy the change in your body and soul !