Waste Water Purification

Most of the areas are in danger of water scarcity. Problems related with water have deep effects on regional planning. Providing clean water for grwoing cities requires the processing of waste water. The water scarcity that the world faces forces us to decrease our water consumption and to improve te quality of waste water purification. Nowadays, digitalisation and smart water technology provides new opportunites for all the water sector.

As PEKCAN HAVUZ, we feel the impact of climaye change on our water. We give first class engineering, technical and management consultancy in areas of water provision, waste water purification, waste management. We have many personnel to give consultancy either for a new Project or to manage your own services.  We can help you in all the stages either it is an individual operation or a big-scale factory.

PEKCAN HAVUZ, with many years’ experience  improves water purification facilites and processes and optimizes them. As our company improves these systems, it acts as independent consultants taking into accounts all the economic and ekological effects as well.

 We are taking an active role on the design and construction of waste water purification facilities. We are taking into consideration green techniques and membran technology for high performance compact facilities in the design of these facilities. We  give consultancy in areas of design, area control, waste air purification, energy optimization, preparation of service and manuals, process and facility design. After the installation process, our personnel gives training to the personnel in the facility about the operation process and about the facility. The aim of this training is to make this facility operate without any problem. We, as PEKCAN, offer first class technical and management consultancy to our customers.

In our company, especially purification of domestic type waste water is provided. The design is made taking into account the Number and characteristics of users, facility features, receiver environment sources and pruification tecniques and levels. Equipment installation is made processing the latest technology with our experience. After the installation, the facility is activated and the necessary training is given to the personnel. On a regular basis, facility is controlled to make sure that everything runs without any problem.