HIGH pH VALUE: pH value of the pool water is reduced to 7,0 - 7,4 by using pH decreaser.

LOW CHLORINE CONTENT: Chlorine is implemented to the pool water between the range 1,0 - 3,0 ppm. (0,5 ppm is appropriate for indoor and ozonized pools.

ALGAE FORMATION: Chlorine and pH values are measured and shocking is applied to the pool water.

INADEQUATE CIRCULATION/FILTRATION: Filter sand level and grinding condition is checked. If the sand level and grinding condition are normal, the filter is backwashed.

HIGH TOTAL ALCALINITY VALUE: Total alcalinity is decreased by shocking with pH decreaser.

HIGH STABILITOR: Use of granular chlorine is stopped for a while and liquid chlorine is implemented.

EXCESSIVE ORGANIC POLLUTER AMOUNT: Precipitator is implemented to the pool water. Filtration system is operated for 4 hours and then shut down. After precipitation, the pool is sweeped.

BOUND CHLORINE AMOUNT: Chlorine shocking is implemented.

HIGH WATER HARDNESS: Ion immobilizer is implemented to the pool water. Some of the water can be poured from the pool then the pool can be filled with some water with lower hardness.


  • Chlorine shocking is implemented adjusting the pH value between 7 - 7,4. The pool should be operating after implementing precipitator.
  • Chlorination is implemented after adding fresh water at 25%. Controlling the pH value, the pool's bottom needs to be cleaned up.
  • It is expected that the filtration system would purify the pool water.
  • Filter is cleaned by the back washing method.

LACK OF FREE CHLORINE : Chlorine shocking is implemented and after waiting for a while, the pool needs to be cleaned with brush and sweeper.


  • Algaecide is implemented to the pool water.
  • The pH value of water should be between 7 and 7,4.
  • If there is no failure in the perfomance of the filtration system and the use of pool chemicals, the status and amount of quartz sand inside the filter.
  • It is important not to hinder implementing pool water chemicals.

THE USE OF ALGAECIDE - ELIMINATOR PRODUCT : The rates of algaecide use should be considered. When necessary, clarifier pool chemicals should be used instead of algaecide.


  • It should be ensured that all users take shower just before using the pool.
  • Fresh water can be added to the pool to accelerate decrease of pollution amount.

TOO HIGH CHLORINE CONCENTRATION : The chlorine value should be measured. Fresh water with 1,0-3,0 ppm chlorine value should be added to the pool.

FILTER SAND LOOSING FILTRATING ABILITY : Filter quartz sand should be check and if necessary, it should be changed.

LIME FORMATION : The pool water's chemical equilibrium point should be ensured then ion immobilizer and anti-lime should be implemented.

SUN CREAMS AND OILS : Backwashing should be implemented to the filter. (When necessary, the filter should be washed while its cap is open.)

LOW/HIGH pH VALUE : pH value should be adjusted to between 7,2 and 7,4 by using pH decreaser or increaser.

TOO HIGH CHLORINE CONCENTRATION : Fresh water is added in order to decrease chlorine level

CHLORAMINE FORMATION : Chlorine shocking is implemented.


CHLORAMINE FORMATION : Chlorine shocking is implemented.

STABILIZERED DICHLOR/TRICHLOR USE (CHLORINE LOCK) : The use of granular chlorine should stopped for a while and liquid chlorine should be used instead. Fresh water can be added.

LOW pH VALUE : pH increaser is utilized. Fresh water can be added.