Algae Preventing

It is a liquid chemical that works in harmony with the chlorine in the water, it prevents algae formation and removes the existing algae. When used regularly, it prevents algae formation in the pool. It is crucial in the pureness of water.


Algae like growing up in the corners and edges that can not be seen. If the balance of water chemical is not provided, algae may exist in the pool forever. Pool algae is not harmful for swimmers. But this algae causes such a cloudy view in the pool that it becomes imposiible to see the bottom of the pool. Besides, these algae provides food for some bacteria and this causes the bacteria to increase in the pool. Due to the algae in the pool, water may be greenish, yellowish or even blue-black.

Crucial things to know about pool chemicals:

Typical disinfectants are not suitable for pool algae. In sunny days, algae makes photosynthesis and increase rapidly. If precution is not taken for this microscopic problem, it turns into a total problem for pool. Especially if the pool is used widely, it will become dirty with sweat, oil and other wastes. If algae is disregarded for a long time, both pool hygene is deteriorated and also more time and money is spent. These problems may get out of control in a very short time.