Biological Pool

In our daily life, the speed of the everyday life orients us to cooler places.Natural pools, with their simple and natural forms, have become a part of the nature.

In natural pools, chemicals are not used. Because of this, water is softer. You swim in a pool covered with many plants, and natural Stones.

Natural pools are composed of two parts: the part with the plants and 2. İs the swimming area. These two parts may be formed seperately or together.

In natural pools, there is no need to make the pool cleaning with chemicals. The plants and microorganisms inide the pool function for purifying the water. By having a natural pool, the purpose is to have the comfort of swimming without destroying the nature. Besides the positive effects to the human health and the environment, the feeling of swimming in a natural water is undefinable.

Natural pools are alternatives for concrete pools. The fact that the places where the biological pools are built, are also natural increases the demand for these types of pools. Human beings prefer much more to be inside the nature.

Natural pools are especially preferred in Europe especially in the last couple of years and are being seen as prestigious.


  • You swim in a completely natural, chlorine free water
  • No kind of chemical is used.
  • You swim in a pure and natural water.
  • It is in harmony with nature throughout the year and When not used in winter, does not destroy the landsacpe of your garden. It continues to decorate your garden as a pond.
  • You have the feeling of swimming in a fresh and drinkable water that has been purified by plants
  • You do not need to take a shower after you get out of the pool as you swim in a fresh water
  • Managing is easy.
  • Management cost is lower compared to the concrete pools
  • Completely produced from natural material
  • Can be installed in a very short time (15-20 days
  • During filtration some of the water is not thrown out by backwash
  • Can be built in any size and shape
  • People with asthma and skin diseases will not face problems due to chemical usage.
  • No need to empty the pool as it can be full 12 months