Color Therapy


Color therapy is a therapy type for the functionng of the body in a healthy and balanced way by using the energy of colors. The colors body needs are provided by different ways. Color is an energy. The basis of the therapy is this information. Different colors are in contact with different regions of the body. There are special resting cabins in order to increase the positive effects of these colors on human psychology.


BLUE: It is the color we mostly face on earth. It symbolizes Freedom, relief and infinity. It has a relaxing effect on human body. It is especially preferred in the resting and working places. It has a positive effect on throat diseases and child diseases.

GREEN: It is the color of nature. It relaxes the person and rests the eyes. It helps cure heart diseases and stomach problems. It helps remove toxins from the body. It also cures mental diseases.

RED: It is the hottest and most attractive color. But ıt may be disturbing to have it in the long term. It symbolizes activeness and dynamism. Red gives energy to the person.

YELLOW: It is the brightest color. It is the color of sun. It gives the feeling of joy. It is not suitable for relaxing places. It has a curing effect for digestive System diseases. It helps remove toxins from the body.

PURPLE: It increases imagination and concentration. It has an inspiring effect. It increases art ideas and brain activities. It has a relief effect. It affects the working of hormons in the body. It is beneficial for joints. It helps the functioning of heart, liver, lungs and kidneys.

PINK: It is the color of joy and happiness. It helps functioning of imaginary world. It has a relief effect. It calms the person. It is used for curing mental illnesses and kidney diseases.

ORANGE: It is the hottest color after red. It accelarates metabolism and is benefial for inner organs and stomach. It activates our mind. It is useful for bone and skeleton System illnesses.

NAVY BLUE:  It increases the power of thinking. And helps concentrate on subjects. It is beneficial formental illnesses and heps curing of ear, nose and throat diseases.

BROWN: It is the color of soil. It has a relief effect.

WHITE: It is the symbol of purity and cleanness. It gives comfort and relief. It increases imaginary thought.