Chlorine is used for the disinfection of pool water. It can be used in powder or liquid form.


Powder form can ve provided in 56% active chlorine or 90% active chlorine. It is slow melting granule chemical with stabilisator. Its active ph interval is 6.8-7.4


For 56% active chlorine, for 1 ppm chlorine level, 200 gr is used for 100 m3 pool water, for 90% active chlorine, for 1 ppm chlorine level, 130 gr is used for 100 m3 pool water.


In pool water, liquid chlorine may also be used. But liquid chlorie must be used carefully as values of the pool water are not stable. Hypochloride’s stability has been increased by different techniques. It is suitable to be used with chlorine dosage pump. It is the best chlorine type for indoor pools. Its, not having stabilisator, prevents the water from having cyanuric problems.


We can also use tablet chlorine in the pools. It is a chemical with 90% actice chlorine with stabilisator, slowly melting, in 200 gr tablet form. Its active ph interval is 7.2-7.6. 1 tablet chlorine is used in a 100 m3 pool for 1.5 ppm chlorine level. It is very useful to use in winter.


For a pool to be hygenic, the key in the disinfection system is the usage of chlorine.

Why do swimming pools need chlorine?

Most of us know that chlorine keeps the pool clean but we also know the negative results as well. It is common knowledge that excess chlorine may produce a bad chemical smell, can damage the skin and may be the cause of red eyes. But the fact is that, chlorine is mostly a misunderstood chemical. When used correctly, it is completely reliable.


How does chlorine keep the pool clean?

It is necessary to use chlorine in the swimming pools to keep the water clean and safe because chlorine prevents algae formation therefore keeps the water clean. It attacks the harmful bacteria and organisms and makes them ineffective. Why chlorine is great is simply because it operates with a simple chemical reaction.


When chlorine is put to the pool, it is seperated to two crucial molecules namely hypochlorous and hypochloride molecules. Both of them attack the lipits in the cell walls, kills them and makes them ineffective. Hypochlorous acid may oxidise an organism in seconds. Hypochloride ion may last for 30 minutes. Both of these chemicals are crucial for pool hygene.