Disinfection System Installation

Automatic PH / CL disinfection systems provide instant control of your PH and chlorine values. Instant control is very important for a pool in balance.

Hygiene quality is high, parameter values are in balance with a pool PH/CL automatic disinfection system is possible. The system interprets the measurement data it receives from the electrodes in the electrode chamber in the main unit and reflects it in the digital indicator system. According to the interpretation of PH and chlorine values, the required parameter's chemical dosing pump is activated to complete the missing value or decrease the excess value. The automation of disinfection systems with filtration system is an expert subject of the authorized PEKCAN technical personnel.

To reach out to one of our professional, trained service employees you can call (0232 238 43 33- 0232 238 43 35 ), info@pekcan.com.tr and info@havuzdayim.com  or stop by the nearest PEKCAN store. Each pool employee in Pekcan is a certified PEKCAN employee, not an employee of other companies ( subcontractors) as other companies do. We will be happy to help you with all your service needs.

Note: only standard workmanship and materials are included in the installation fee. Additional charges may be charged for additional parts or workmanship. PEKCAN staff will tell you about the additional cost.