Hardness Reliever

It is essential to keep the appropriate levels of hardness and softness of water. Water defined as “hard” usually has a high mineral content. (especially calcium and magnesium) As the minerals dissolve in water, mineral content of water increases and this hardens the water. This very hard and tough water may leave a bubble in pool walls or the surface in a white, gray or brown color.  When the pool water is very hard, in order to make calcium passive and the water softer, a hardness remover may be added to water. It is used in the pool water as ion holder.


It is not an easy task to keep the pool water in balance. Regular tests must be made to measure the ph, alkalinity and calcium. Calcium hardness is not only an indicator of how hard the water is, but also how soft the water is as well. You must consult a pool expert for this issue.


By the help you take from Pekcan’s expert team, you can extend the life of yur pool and equipment.