Ice Cave

Ice caves are places that are formed with artifical snow System in the spa centers. THe dea behind experiencing an ice cave in a spa center is not only to cool the body. In the ice cave body cools rapidly at the sane time blood veins are narrowed down and warns the oxygen receipt.

To cool the body between 8-12 degrees is provided and the pores that are opened during the sauna session are closed as well. After entering the cabin in an ice cave, you walk. THe person entering the cabin may pour cold water to his body if he wants or can make massage with broken ice. It is recommended that the person who wants to use ice cave in a sauna/spa center should bring  a plate to sit on.

Ice caves that offer an unforgettable cooling session are the perfect places for cooling after sauna sessions. Ice caves that are specially designed for spa centers great alternatives for users who do not want to use shock showers.

Pekcan is an engineering firm that can make the design of all types of ice caves.