Installation Of Robot Pool Sweeper

Spend less time sweeping your pool and more time enjoying it. The PEKCAN team can install a robot pool cleaner that will do all the necessary work for cleaning the surface of the pool. We can install both vacuum and automatic pressure cleaner pool sweeper.

PEKCAN is installing 3 types of robot pool sweeper:

The Robot pool cleaner is installed in the suction section of the pool installation (when the water is drawn from the pool to be filtered). The Robot pool cleaner cleans the pool floor and walls by applying pressure and vacuums the dirt and absorbs it into the waste bag so that the filter basket and filtration system are not worn out.

Robot pool brooms are the most appropriate model. Customers plug the robot into an electrical source with a runaway current relay, drop the cleaner into the pool and start it up. The cleaner moves at the bottom of the pool, climbs the wall, and in this way wastes and particulates are collected into the bag.

To reach out to one of our professional, trained service employees you can call (0232 238 43 33- 0232 238 43 35 ), and  or stop by the nearest PEKCAN store. Each pool employee in Pekcan is a certified PEKCAN employee, not an employee of other companies ( subcontractors) as other companies do. We will be happy to help you with all your service needs.