Installation Of Solar Pool Cover

Solar covers are the most suitable method for heating the pool and extending your pool season. Designed to keep the natural heat of the sun, these products can extend the pool season by weeks. These covers are suitable for each pool and climate and can be used alone or in combination with different types of pool heaters. Easy to set up can often be done with a single person. With its high quality, low density polyethylene, extra robust stitching and UV damage filtering feature, PEKCAN solar covers provide suitable budget heating power that lasts for seasons. Solar roller is also recommended along with the solar cover. This solar is recommended for every budget and ease of use.

Solar covers heat your pool in 2 ways.It absorbs solar energy to heat the pool and preserves this heat to keep the pool warm for a long time. The small bubbles on the solar cover are filled with air, and when the cover is under the sun, these bubbles heat up. The air heated from the bubbles transfers to the pool water and can raise the temperature of the water up to 15 degrees. When the pool water is heated, Solar covers are a very good option to maintain heat even after the sun has set and the weather has cooled. These covers prevent heat loss through evaporation, which can be up to 70%. Evaporation of pool water can be very costly because this requires not only adding water but also buying additional chemicals into refilled water. Solar covers save money by minimizing the impact of evaporation.

Solar covers are used alone, causing the pool season to extend for weeks, but at the same time a pool with a heater must have a solar cover. Installing a solar cover in a heated pool allows the swimming season to extend for months and increases the performance of the heater. Pool heaters are ideal for colder climates where there is not enough solar energy to heat the pool, but if there is no solar cover, much of the energy expended to heat the pool is lost. If the heater is accompanied by solar cover, heating costs fall severely and the pool season is prolonged.

PEKCAN provides you with durable, high quality rollers for both indoor and outdoor pools, which provide you with the convenience of installing and removing cover for any size pool.These reels also protect the cover from tears and cracks when storing it. Solar Rollers allow a single person to install and lift the shroud and extend the life of the shroud.

If you want to cover your pool but don't want to deal with a big blanket, Solar solar rings are an easy alternative to use. These Solar solar rings, made of UV-protected vinyl, retain as much heat as a pool cover and can be installed and removed by a single person. The solar ring is laid directly on the surface of the pool.

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