Maintenance Of The Salt Generator

A salt chlorinator system may save time and money but it needs maintenance from time to time. PEKCAN staff will make the cleaning of the system and will provide maximum productivity. If you face a warning such as “examine the cell” or “clean the cell” please call PEKCAN for help. If you have left a high calcium level area, you should clean the salt cells more often.


Salt chlorine generators have become more popular in the last years. Some people prefer not using chemicals in their pools. Here, salt chlorine generators known as salty water chlorinators or salty generators take place.


Pool salt systems are real time protectors but they need maintenance from time to time in order for their economic life to prolong. You can have the maintenance of your salt generators without any problem.


  • Cleaning salt cells regularly every 2-6 months. If regular cleaning is not made, mineral beds fill the SPAces between metal plates. Calcium is pulled to electric charged plates and if accumulated too much it prevents electrolysis formation. By time, an excess accumulation takes place in the salt cell and this damages covers of the plates permanently and causes cell inefficiency.
  • Providing ideal salt level (3200 ppm being the ideal level but a level between 2.700 ppm-3.400 ppm in a million).
  • Cleaning the chlorinator cell at least once properly.
  • According to the instructions, keeping the ideal levels and keeping calcium levels as low as possible.
  • Using a salt chlorinator that has only an adverse polarity in order to decrease the lime accumulation in the cell.

A well-protected salt generator can be used 3-7 years. When it is time to change the cell, the pricing is made depending on which part needs to be changed. Miscleaning of the generator or frequent cleaning are the reasons of an early change.  Besides, circuit board is like an electronic device. For this reason, it should be closed properly in adverse weather conditions such as storms. Otherwise, it may cause damage and cause the generator to be changed.

When cleaning a salt generator, things that must not be done:

  • Cell must not be sunk to acid for more than 20 minutes.
  • Acid resistance must not be increased (15:1 solution must be used).
  • Metal devices must not be used for cleaning the tortures of salt cell.
  • If a visible covering has not taken place, salt cell must not be cleaned.

For getting maximum performance from a salt generator:

  • Appropriate salt levels must be sustained. Salt lost during backwashing or a leakage must be added.
  • Low ph, total alkalinity and calcium hardness must be maintained.
  • Cyanuric acid –stabilisator levels must be maintained.
  • Salt cell must be examined and cleaned regularly.
  • Chlorine level must be maintained as low as possible.

If you face a Warning such as “examine the cell” or “clean the cell” please call PEKCAN for help

In order to reach one of our personnel, you can call (0232 238 43 33 -0232 238 43 35) or from and or you can visit us in our PEKCAN stores.  Each PEKCAN personnel is certified and is not also a personnel of another company, like many of the companies do.