PH regulator

In swimming pools, the most critical point for hygene and safety is to protect the ph level. Human body protects a 7.4 ph level. For this reason, we must be careful about the ph value being between 7.2-7.8. In these ph levels, water does not give any damage to the skin and eyes. This ph value is also the ideal level for the chlorine as well. If ph is very high, there will not be enough hypochloric acid in the water. As hypochlorous acid is a fast oxidizer, it lasts long to clean a pool with a high ph value.


Ph regulators that are the most important factors for the safety of water, can be used in the powder or liquid form. It is easier to use powder ones. It is more convenient to use liquid ph regulators with a dosage pump. It is essential to test the pool water once or twice a week in order to control the ph level.


In case of a powder ph lowering products, 2000-2500 gr powder ph lowering products must be used in a 100 m3 pool in order to lower the ph value 0.2 degree.


Also liquid ph lowering products may be used. But in this products, as the values of pool water are not stable, it must be used cautiously and with a dosage pump. It has an odorless nature. 2250 gr must be used in a 80-120 ppm alkalinity pool in order to decrease ph by 0.1 degree. In automatic panel systems, liquid is preferred.