Pool Filter Installation

A regularly running pool sand filter helps keep your pool clean and safe. Pool sand filters remove organic waste and dirt from pool water. Filters should be run for 10-12 hours every day on a regular basis throughout the summer. Skimmers and vacuums are ideal for collecting larger waste, but a good filter should be able to eliminate all other pollution. There are many different models of pool filters, some of them are high-speed sand filters and cartridge filters. Although each filter type eliminates pollution differently, each filter in Pekcan will give your pool superior cleaning function. 

Each pool needs different and the pool owner will want to choose the best fit for the pool and its budget. The PEKCAN team will choose the most suitable pool filter for you and will come to your home and provide installation for you.

To reach out to one of our professional, trained service employees you can call (0232 238 43 33- 0232 238 43 35 ), info@pekcan.com.tr and info@havuzdayim.com  or stop by the nearest PEKCAN store. Each pool employee in Pekcan is a certified PEKCAN employee, not an employee of other companies ( subcontractors) as other companies do. We will be happy to help you with all your service needs.