Pool Filter Maintenance

One of the most important conditions of keeping a pool clean and healthy is the proper functioning of the filter. When operating regularly, a filter cleans all organic wastes, particules and algae. This, not only keeps the pool clean, but also prevents bacteria and other harmful substances from soaking into the water. Filters may be in different sizes and shapes but mostly knowns are polyester and coil winding fast sand filters and cartridge filters. Whatever type your filter is, routine cleaning must be made.


When summer comes, all pool owners dream of swimming in their pools, but this causes the pool owners to neglect an important factor: Maintenance of pool filters. In order to keep your pool and filter clean, PEKCAN gives a complete Filter Cleaning and Control Service. Within this service, a trained PEKCAN staff will clean inside of the filter and wash all the dirt that blocks the filter. After cleaning the filter, he will install the filter again and will be sure that everyting operates properly. For a healthy filter and a clean pool, filter cleaning must be made every 6 months.


There are some reasons for keeping a pool clean. First of all, clean pools are safe.  The cleaner your pool is the less will be the diseases arising from bacteria and parasite. If you do not want your pool to be in touch with this dirt, you should keep your filter celan. A clean pool is also important for the environment. If you let your pool water get dirty, you should also know that you are pouring this dirty water to the nearest region. The reason behing the underground water being dirty is this. A clean pool makes the economic life of the pool equipments longer. When the pool water gets dirty, the filter does not function properly. This prevents the proper functioning of the pumps as well and damages the pipes in the pool.


The time period for the filter cleaning changes from pool to pool. The size of your pool will affect the frequency of the filter cleaning (weekly, monthly or once a season). Despite this, filter must be cleaned at least once a year. Most of the people are not skilled about filter cleaning even lazy about this, but there is one thing that must not be forgotten. Even if you can not make filter cleaning, you must get help from a professional and must clean your filter because if you ignore this, the problems will accumulate and it will get more difficult to deal with this problem. If you do not have a regular filter maintenance routine, algae is formed and your pool will have a bad smell and a green colour.

You can contact us about how to protect your filter with an optimum budget. As PEKCAN havuz, we summarised some of the main points to be used in flter celaning:

  • Cleaning: Pool cleaning has a crucial role in the filter protection and the general view of your pool.
  • Filter pressure:  Not keeping the pressure within the required interval will cause a decrease in water flow and a cloudy view in the pool and a corrosion in the pool equipments. For this, it is important to know the pressure when your filter is clean because this is an important sign of when to make cleaning.
  • Close your pool filter: Always make sure that the thightness around the filter is proper If the filter closing is damaged, there will be substances that will be pured inside and outside.
  • Backwashing:   Once a month, it is a good idea to make backwashing to make sure that the filter pipes are cleaned properly. For this, you should change the filter switch as “backwash” and clean the filter basket.
  • Ph level: The chlorine and acid levels must always be kept in the required levels in order to prevent algae formation in a pool. Keeping the right water level is important for the general health of a filter.

Every pool and filter is unique and has different needs therefore take help from PEKCAN for your filter’s cleaning.

In order to reach one of our personnel, you can call (0232 238 43 33 -0232 238 43 35) or from info@pekcan.com.tr and info@havuzdayim.com or you can visit us in our PEKCAN stores.  Each PEKCAN personnel is certified and is not also a personnel of another company, like many of the companies do.