Pool Filter

The filters are the caretakers of your pool. The filters drain the particles that are in micron basis so your pool is clarified.

Pool sand filters are the least service needed filters among three types of pool filters. Sand filters are the easiest filters to use and to take care of. It is recommended that sand used in a sand filter should be changed every 7 years. It may be difficult to realise the gradual loss in productivity. If a sand filter needs more backwash compared to the past, it may be a sign ofthe deterioration of the sand. Another sign is the general quality of the pool water. If you need to operate your pump more frequently or to use more chemicals, it may be the time to maintain or change the pool filter.

Most of the sand filter uses sand to keep wastes out of the poolwater. Pool sand is a very effective filter but at the same time is a little bit expensive. The game sand that is also known as sand pool is sometimes used by the pool owners as it is cheaper than pool sand. But game sand and pool sand are definitely different from Each other and can not be used interchangeably. Pool sand is thinner and smaller than game sand and these two types of sand are composed of different materials.

Swimming Pool Filter Problems

Swimming pool filter problems are mainly sand-based problems. Filter sand contains may small fatty materials during operating and becomes muddy. In the hard water areas, filtersand may be converted to sandstone and may calcify due to the calcium accumulation.  Other water balance problems or a larger size pool pump may cause the pool filter sand to deteiorate. But if these problems do not happen, an appropriate sized sand filter may be used many yers without any problem.

Another problem is water wears out thesharp edges of the sand. As time passes, sand particles become more circular and loses its ability to catch small particles.

The sand in the pool sand filter (20 silika sand, 45-55mm) is scaled specially to catch the 20-100 micron particles. As the sand filter collects waste, its productivity increases. As your balance indicator shows a value of 8-10 Ibs it is time to make backwash.