Pool Heating Equipments

Swimming pools are beneficiary for the human as well as fun. Time spent in a pool is beneficial for both phyical and mental health. Swimming pools are mostly used in summer but most of the users continue to use the pools in winter as well. The temperature of a pool is a crucial point. The existing weather conditions determine the temperature of the pool.

There are “pool water heating equipments” in order to adjust the water temperature in the pools. It is possible to set these equipments according to the energy sources. As PEKCAN Havuz, we use stainless steel and titanium heat exchangers in order to adjust water temperature. It can be very expensive to heta a pool if you do not have the appropriate equipments. For this reason, high heat pumps that use productive energy and that can give productive heat are very essential. If you have the need  for an equipment to heat your pool, you can get help from PEKCAN Havuz personnel.