Pool Lighting Equipments

The easiest way to make a swimming pool more esthetic is to use lighting systems. You can obtain an appropriate lighting by using PEKCAN’S long-lifed, best-viewed pool lightings. Under-water halogens may be preferred in light color pools. LED lightings have colors like blue and green and they provide maximum brightness.

The usage of these main colors in the lighting System of the pools provide the pools with a an infinite brightness. LED lightings are the most preferred lihting systems because they have an energy saving of upto 90%. Besides, these are more long-lived compared to traditional lights. A traditional light lasts for 1000 hours whereas LED lights 100,000 hours.

PEKCAN Havuz’s halogen, LED, power-led and flux lightings with one or RGB color changing alternatives, provide a special effect to your pools. PEKCAN lighting equipments with remote control produces a wonderful light effect and changes your pool to a colour harmony.