Pool Pump

Pool pumps are the most important equipments of the swimming pools. They give movement energy to water in order to provide the cleaning of the pool water and provides water circulation. So a movement is provided in the pool water. In Pekcan pool pumps, that consists of thermoplastic body, front filter is coupled. No matter Which type of pool you have, you may have Pekcan pool pumps with suitable prices and with a fast service.

Pekcan pool pumps have high productivity and also have a long service life reliable products. With stainless steel body, Pekcan pumps provides a flow consistent with the speed. The motor has high working capacity. These pumps are centrifugal pumps that have integrated basket cartridge. Pump body, pump cover are made up f strengthened engineering plastics. These pumps are strong, ultraviolet non-radiation passing and anti-corrosive. The pumps provide circulation by giving water movement energy and are composed of thermoplastic body and equipments. They are acoupled with the front filter.