Pool Side Equipment

Swimming is, for most of the pool users, is an activity that is made  throughout the year. Swimming pools that operate in summer also operate in winter as well nowadays.  The demand to swimmin pools throughout the whole year is a factor that increases the construction of pools. Whether it is a public or a private pool, a pool must increase the comfort of its users.

A swimming pool, during construction stage, also consists of pool edge equipments. These equipments make the time spent in the pool safer also they prevent risky situations to happen.

These pool edge equipments are:

Porcelain pool handles,

Porcelain anti-slips

Overflow grills

These equipments are the complementary elements of e newly started pool. You can obtin all the details about Pekcan’s anti-slips and other equipments from our website and PEKCANheadquarter  and showrooms. All porcelain handles, anti-slips, Numbers, sunning platforms can be seen in PEKCAN showrooms.