It is essential to make regular cleaning and maintenance in the pools in order to have a safe pool environment. All precautions must be taken in order to make effective and safe disinfection operations.


Filtration systems used in the pools are the most effective ways to get rid of dust and waste in the pools. But during filtration, % 100 percent of the dust may not be kept. Precipitators are used to clean the pools from small particles that can not be kept by the pool filters. This is a liquid chemical. It provides the particles that are not kept by the filter to sink. In a swimming pool, before using a precipitator, ph value must be measured. If precipitator is used without measuring the ph value, water balance deteriorates. Ideal level of ph for a pool water is 7.2-7.6. After reaching this ph value, precipitator may be given from the surface of the pool or from the balance tank.


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