Preformend Ponds

It is possible to define preformed ponds as a beauty formed of plants, swimming fishes, with light and shadows reflecting on the water. These preformed ponds are preferred for a long time in the East, in the last years they have beenpopular in our country as well. The main reason for this popularity is the visual beauty of these ponds. These ponds may be used in private back gardens, Common parks, hotel lobbies, shopping malls, restaurants and even in the basement of the apartments in the cold climates.

Japan is the otherland of ponds and these pool and garden designs are very artistic there. In the ponds where human and animal figures are used, Pekcan Havuz offers many alternatives in terms of design and Pekcan’s preformed ponds will be great choices for your gardens. The installation of these ponds are also very easy.

The accessories used in a pond are ready to take their place in your garden with Poolline guarantee. You can reach our online sales page from here.