Pump Installation

One of the most important stages to have a clean and healthy pool is the smooth operation of the pump. The pump is responsible for ensuring water circulation throughout the skimmer and filtration system and keeps the water clean and clear. Without a properly functioning pump, there will be no circulation of pool water and easily algae, bacteria and waste will form. A good pump should operate quietly, efficiently and properly and circulate water without causing a problem.

Whether you want to move into a new house with a pool or an old pump in need of a change, PEKCAN is the only name you need to know!

To reach out to one of our professional, trained service employees you can call (0232 238 43 33- 0232 238 43 35 ), info@pekcan.com.tr and info@havuzdayim.com  or stop by the nearest PEKCAN store. Each pool employee in Pekcan is a certified PEKCAN employee, not an employee of other companies ( subcontractors) as other companies do. We will be happy to help you with all your service needs.

Note: only standard workmanship and materials are included in the installation fee. Additional charges may be charged for additional parts or workmanship. PEKCAN staff will tell you about the additional cost.