Roman Bath

Laconium(Roman style dry bath), Tepidarium (heated ceramic beds) and Caldarium(hot room) are Roman bath Types. Roman baths are specially designed for those who think classical sauna or Finnish sauna is too hot or classical steam bath too humid.


Laconiums are sweating baths where lke saunas the temperature is too high. Inside them, there are ceramic or mosaic sitting banks an in the middle cold water fountain or bucket. Average temperature is 50-60 degrees and you will begin to sweat within 15 minutes.

Caldarium’s average temperature is 42-45 degrees. Aromatic odors, music and light effects are used in the room.

Another Roman bath type is tepidarium is a warm place that is placed between hot and cold bath. It helps the body adopt to cold from the hot place. These are suitable places for resting. Inside this place, the temperature is 37-39 degrees.