Sand Exchange

In order to have a pool water like cyristal, you must change your filter sand once in a few years. Pool filter catches dead insects, bacteria and algae so water remains pure and does not make the swimmers sick. The element that provides this function of the filter is the sand. Sand provides a perfect filtration environment and can also be used in waste water treatment, septic systems and other water security applications.


In changing the filter sand, it is crucial to know which type of sand to be used and when to make the change. For this reason, most of the people think that all types of sand are the same but this is not the case. A low quality sand will destroy the filtration system.  So it is important for your filter’s economic life to use the sand that we recommend as PEKCAN HAVUZ.


Below you will see some sand types:

  • Silica sand: It is the most widely used sand type. It is provided from ground quartz that produces pointed, sharp silica particles. It is not produced, it is extracted.
  • Glass sand: If you are searching a sand type that has low effect on the environment, you may prefer glass sand. It is made of 100 % recycled glass. The touch of it is smooth and it catches even 2 micron particles (one in a million). Glass sand has a negative charge therefore it is perfect in catching iron and magnesium particles.
  • Zeolites sand: This sand that is formed from volcanic rock minerals called zeolites has 100 times more surface area than the standard filter sand due to its spongy shape. Zeolites catches chloramines that burns the swimmer’s eyes with a process called molecular elimination. Zeolites sand controls the chloramines without using any chemicals in cases when frequent shocking must be made to the pool.


Why should filter sand be changed?

Pool pump pulls the dirty water to the filter where there is sand and then clean water is given back to the pool. All these three sand types have a rough surface that catches the dirty particles. As time passes, filter sand becomes to deteriorate and the jagged edges that catches the dirty particles disappear. This shows that the economic life of the filter sand comes to an end.

In order for the sand filter to function properly, the filter sand must be changed regularly. PEKCAN’s professional team will remove the sand, make the interior maintenance and replaced new and clean sand.

Note: If your sand filter is larger than 31’’ extra charge may be demanded. Please call for an approximate cost.

In order to reach one of our personnel, you can call (0232 238 43 33 -0232 238 43 35) or from and or you can visit us in our PEKCAN stores.  Each PEKCAN personnel is certified and is not also a personnel of another company, like many of the companies do.