One of the indispensables of hot places are saunas. Sauna is a bath type that has spred to world from Finland in the last 2000 years and it works on the principles of hot temperature and low humidity rate. It has a healing effect on health problems also it helps remove the toxic substances from the body and has a curing effect on respiratory systemand skin problems as well. Sauna’s temperature changes between 60-130 degrees depending on the user’s preferences. The recommended usage time is 10-15 minutes. Saunas are sacred places after churches for Finnish people.

Saunas differ among themselves according to their usage areas:

  • Classical Finnish sauna: These are prepared with classical sauna woods, temperature changes between 85-95 degrees and humidity rate is 15%. In this type, by sweating the pores are opened and skin is removed from dead cells. It also has a healing effect on both physical and mental health.
  • Bio Sauna: It has a 60-130 degree temperature, maximum humidity rate 50%with special light effects, aromatherapy, color therapy and music meditation. It can be used both as classic and as steam sauna. Bio sauna gives comfort to its user and relaxes him.
  • Russian sauna: with 11-130 degrees temperature and 25% humidity rate. A special wood that is suitable for this atmosphere is used. It is very effective in removing toxins out of the body because of the high temperature rate.
  • Kelo sauna: These are outside saunas that are built from kelo (500 year Finnish pine woods). In these saunas, heaters with wood are used. They are environment friendly as they are built from dead kelo trees. These are unique opportunuities for those who wat to experience traditional sauna therapy. Kelo trees used in the construction of these saunas can withstand very high temperatures and they never deform as time passes. These trees do not warm up due to their minimum heat transmittance.   THe wood Types used in saunas are abachi (ayous), Finnish pine, Finnish ladin and cedar tree.