Season Preparation

When you add a swimming pool to the back of your garden, you can get advantages like making exercises.  Besides, by a pool, you increase the value of your house as well. But you have some responsibilities as well. A typical pool program contains soma daily hints that must be kept in mind. Pool care must be made both in the beginning of winter and the beginning of winter. You must get help from a professional during the season preparation of your pool. Pekcan Havuz will help you meet the new season with a clean and safe pool environment.

 Seasonal Pool Care:

  • Ph and chlorine levels of the pool must be checked at least twice a week
  • Pool must be cleaned at least once a week. For a detailed cleaning, scraper baskets must be emptied leaves and remaints must be drained from the water. The surface of the pool must be cleaned with a cleaning net.
  • Pool surface cleaner must be applied to the water line on the pool walls. These cleaners will remove the water line stains. The cleaner must be applied with a brush and the walls must be brushed fastly.
  • Pool water must be shocked at least once a week. Shocking consists of adding huge amount of chlorine to water to remove the algae and other contaminants. The amount of shock used changes depending on the chlorine products and the amount of water in the pool.
  • During summer, filtration system can be run without a pause. When water moves continously, the staining that will be caused by dust, dirt, bacteria and body oil will decrease.


Out of Season Pool Care:

  • After summer, pool must be analysed before closing to see if there is any damage due to crack or leak because the hard weather conditions worsen these damages. So it will be better to solve these problems before closing the pool
  • Chemical levels of the pool must be tested and the necessary settings must be made accordingly. The procedures and devices used in summer must also be used in winter and the pool must be cleaned and shocked with the same instructions.
  • All objects within the pool must be removed icluding ladders, diving board, slides, pool games and ladle baskets.
  • All the water within the pump, filter, heater and the related pipes must be emptied. Otherwise water will be kept within the system during winter and if it freezes it will cause great damage.
  • Water level in the pool must be reduced but not all the water emptied.
  • Pool must be covered with a pool cover and must be fixed very carefully. The pool cover must be controlled every few weeks

If you do not have enough information about pool care, you must consult a professional because applying a wrong method or adding a wrong chemical changes the balance of water seriously and will be dangerous for the swimmers.

For the pool owner, it may be very exciting to open his pool in spring. After a long winter season, it gets warm and pool becomes fun. Before jumping into water, you have to work a little to be sure that your pool is ready for the swimmers.

Opening a pool needs more than removing the cover and jumping into water. The cover must be cleaned regularly. Also, the proper functioning of the pool equipments must be controlled as well. Every pool is unique so take service from PEKCAN for your pool care.

Preparing the pool for spring and summer must not be a burden but must be fun for you. PEKCAN team will offer you tailor made solutions.

In order to reach one of our personnel, you can call (0232 238 43 33 -0232 238 43 35) or from and or you can visit us in our PEKCAN stores.  Each PEKCAN personnel is certified and is not also a personnel of another company, like many of the companies do.