Security Blanket Installation

Taking and installing the safety blanket is one of the best investments a pool owner can make in his pool. Safety covers are one of the most important pool equipment because they prevent drowning cases for animals, children and even adults. The safety covers are tightly connected to the pool's sunbathing platform by a series of hooks, as opposed to the sun or winter covers that stand on the surface of the pool. These hooks keep the cover stretched over the pool and prevent the cover from sinking into the water by the weight of the human or animal.

There are 2 types of security covers: hard covers and mesh covers. Both species are light and robust, but hard covers prevent dirt and waste from entering the pool, while at the same time protecting the pool from the sun's rays, preventing algae and bacteria from forming. Web-shaped covers cause rain and melting snow to enter the pool .

Each pool needs different and the pool owner will want to choose the best cover for the pool and its budget. What is the best pool protector for you?

you will choose and will come to your home and provide the installation for you.

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