Spa Consultancy

Spa and healthy life consultancy has improved a lot during the last 5 years. Consultancy sector has had a negative effect on the customers due to increasing amount of unqualified companies entring the sector. As the sector rapidly shifts from “spa” to “health” sector, everybody wanted to be a consultant. A considerable competition is observed in the sector due to the “so-called experts” in the social media.

All the firms or individuals who want to get a spa consultany service must be careful about the references of the firms. Pekcan, leader of the sector, offers consultancy services to hotel owners, holiday villages, health facilities and daily spas . As Pekcan Havuz when we project the Spa center and complete our service, weoffer a zero problem service to our customers.

Our expertise is to design, to Project and to deliver your general or private spa center in line with your life style and your preferences.