Stair Fitting

Swimmers need a ladder to get out of water. For this reason, you must include the ladders in your pool design from the beginning. Pekcan Havuz is an expert in installation with many years of experience. As PEKCAN family, we are here to share your information about all the details including the ladders with you.


Pool ladders are the stainless steel rays that go below the edge of the pool and has steps. It is not installed to the pool but to the veranda.

  • Pros: A basic pool ladder is more economical. Ladder may be removed optionally. For example, it may be removed in winter and reinstalled in summer. A pool ladder can be changed when it is damaged.
  • Cons: It may be difficult for weak people to install or remove a ladder. Especially if old people will use the pool, normal steps may be better alternatives than ladders.


Pool ladders and railings are disliked pool accessories for some people. These ladders do not come to the user’s mind immediately but these ladders and steps are important and essential security accessories of a pool. Pool ladders usually have a 3 stage design but there are also 2 or 4 stage as well. These ladders are mostly produced from stainless steel pipes. Pool ladders used for commercial purposes have stainless steel gears, 33% thicker steel pipes and extra wide 22 gears.

Pool ladders are used to give a hand to the tired swimmer getting out of the pool but more important they help people enter and get out of the pool in a safe way. Ladders used in the swimming pools are fixed to the anchor sockets that are installed to a 20 channel steel and made from brass or aluminium. Ladders usually do not cause problems. All the components of a pool ladder, except for the rays, may be changed. Trim rings or anchor sockets may need to be changed. The repair of a pool ladder includes changing the worn-out steps or if a tire tread is loose, tighten the bolts. If a ladder is used in a swimming pool, anchor sockets must be kept clean by washing with a hose.

A new ladder may change the view of your pool and PEKCAN team will help you in the installation of your ladder.

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