Tile-Glass Mosaic Cleaning Service

Most of the pool users dream of swimming in a clean, pure and hygenic water. Despite this, these users even do not dream of cleaning a pool because pool cleaning is not their profession and is quite difficult.


As Pekcan Havuz, we recommend that experiencing a clean swimming will be a problem-free process for you! For this, we will talk about some strategies that will ease the cleaning of your pool. Applying these strategies will keep he glass mosaics in your pool throughout the season.


All glass mosaics need care from time to time. If you realize a colour change in the water line of your pool, this is caused most probably by a hard water accumulation problem. When water evaporates, calcium in the water stays and sticks to the edges of your pool and makes calcium accumulation. This may seem like a white or gray dust. If pool walls are rubbed by a pool brush and optimum chemical levels can be kept within the pool, then this dust can be prevented. Algae is the greatest enemies of tiles and mosaics. When the chemical levels are too low in a pool, algae is formed. In order to prevent this, a regular check up of the chemical levels and necessary adjustments must be made. Keeping pool water clean is the best way to minimize the problems occurring from tile maintenance.


If the staining in the tiles or glass mosaics is very little, this region can be cleaned with a tooth brush. Baking powder, vinigar or even tooth paste can be helpful. But if staining is too much, you better should get technical help. For mosaics not glazed, a wet sponge and a non-oily house cleaner may be helpful. Multi purpose cleaners and ammonia must not be used.


There are some instruments used in the cleaning of pool coverings. In hard surfaces like concrete or tile, pumice stone can be used safely. When using pumice stone, in order to prevent scratching, the tile or mosaic must always be wet. In vinil or fiberglass pools, pumice stone must not be used. Besides this, if the tiles are ceramic or porcelain, you should rub with circular motion by using a nylon bristle brush. Cleaning with pressure and acid bath may also be used in tile cleaning. Acid bath must definitely be made by the professionals. Because this application has many processes and may cause serious damage if not made by professionals.


With PEKCAN’s Professional team in tile cleaning, your pool will regain its old view. For this, the only thing you have to do is to get in touch with us.


Tiles and glass mosaics may be good accessories of your pool but hard water may create stain on the surface of these tiles. PEKCAN’S professional team will clean these wastes from your pool bu using high pressure air.

Note: Tile cleaning service is not valid for all regions, please get information.

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