Washing the pool with acid

Acidwashing of the pool helps clean the ugly stain remove from the pool that has been formed by algae accumulation. If water is cloudy and seems green or even black, an acid washing must be made. You can make this operation by yourself as well but to leave this to PEKCAN team is better in order not to damage the plaster surface of your pool.


If appropriate maintenance is not made in the pools, pool water lets algae production. This algae formation stains the plasters of your pool such that you can not remove them even if you scrub them regularly. Another sign that you should make acid washing is that algae grows faster after you scrub them. Algae may enter the depths of the plaster and if acidwashing is not made, may cause blooming. In order to make acidwashing in a pool, all the water must be emptied with a pump. After this is made, the walls of the pool must be wetted with a hose. Acid that will be used must be sprayed to the edge of the pool equally and by the help of a brush, acid mixture must be brushed for 30 seconds on the plaster surface. In order to prevent the corrosion of plaster permanently, acid must be washed with water. If the regular maintenance of the pool is made, then every five to seven years, an acid washin is needed. Very frequent washing of pool by acid may damage the plaster in the pool because each acid operation shaves a part of the plaster. For this reason, if pool water is not too dirty, acidwashing is not needed. Instead of this, without using any acid, ıt can be enough to clean the pool with a chlorine solution manually.


Acid is very dangerous. Because of this, acidwashing with acid purchased from an ordinary pool market may cause serious danger. Especially if you do not know how to make acidwashing, you can damage your pool and your health seriously. When making acidwashing, a protective equipment must be worn. For safety reasons, at least one other person must help during acidwashing.


If you think acidwashing must be made in your pool, you can contact us. We will be glad to help you. If you want your pool to look new, PEKCAN personnel will remove all formations with an acidwashing.

Note: Acidwashing is not valid for all regions, please get information.


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