Water Bed

One of the most popular units of a SPA cebter in terms of relaxing places is water beds. The best way to relax the spine is to rest in these water beds. By the time spent on these beds, the back of the body immediately relaxes. These water beds relieves the pain arising from wrong posture and daily stress immediately.

In these water beds, the temperature of the water inside the bed  help relax the brain and the body. These water beds are multifunctional. When you lie on these water beds that are 32 degrees, bed takes the shape of the body. A Spa user lying on a water bed gets the feeling of lying on the sea or on a pool. The only thing you have to do is to enjoy thr comfort.

The surface temeratıre of these beds that have the characteristic of taking your body’s shape is 32 degrees. These are the most popular units of a SPA center.