Wintering Service

In the last 100 years, pool heaters have become very popular. Low temperatures in the swimming pools (especially in cold weather) are prevented by the pool heaters and the pool has become available for swimming.

Thanks to the advanced technology, cold water problem of the pools and SPAs has been solved completely. Pool heaters with high quality can operate under very low temperatures but still may create some problems. Depending on decrease in the environment’s temperature,  if there is a decrease in your heater’s heating capacity, then there is most probably a problem in the automation or settings of your heater. In such a case, the users feel the inefficient capacity of the heater but can not remove this problem.


PEKCAN HAVUZ is the most reliable address when you face a problem in your heaters. We kindly recommend you to call us when you have a problem with your heater. If you try to solve the problem by yourself, this may exaggerate the problem instead of removing it. If you do not have any idea about the functioning and the use of pool heaters, you must get technical help from a professional. PEKCAN HAVUZ’s trained and professional team makes some analysis to understand the problem. After finding out the source of the problem, he will offer you the best solution for the repair of your heater.


As PEKCAN HAVUZ, our recommendation about minimizing the problems you can face with your heaters is to control your pool heater as well when you take service about the cleaning and maintenance of your pool. So by the help of a professional, you can check if there is a problem in your heater or not. Controlling your heaters that have an excellent heating capacity and a high productivity will remove many of the problems you may face in your swimming period. Besides, it will not be a burden in terms of budget.


By the help of advanced technology, heaters that are used both in pools and SPAs are produced with energy saving features and also with a high productive energy rate. Depending on the increase in the pool and SPA use, the pool heaters have become more popular in the last few years. If you have a pool and a pool heater and if it does not work properly, please contact us. With the help of the trained personnel of PEKCAN HAVUZ, your pool and SPA will continue to be your fun area for long years.


If your heater does not function properly, our professional team will make a series of tests in order to understand the problem. Your pool and SPA are your long term investments that you will enjoy over the years.

In order to reach one of our personnel, you can call (0232 238 43 33 -0232 238 43 35) or from and or you can visit us in our PEKCAN stores.  Each PEKCAN personnel is certified and is not also a personnel of another company, like many of the companies do.